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Republica Moda presents a curated collection of exclusive and stylish bags, accessories and jewelry for international fashionistas like you. We adore beautiful designs as much as our customers, and it is our passion to bring you exciting and sexy new brands and products!


Republica Moda originated in chic Buenos Aires, Argentina, where an appreciation for elegant and classic design shapes the local markets. We then expanded our reach to other trendsetting cities - such as Milan, Rio de Janeiro,  Amsterdam – and to Marbella, in southern Spain.


These combined influences have led Republica Moda to showcase a unique and alluring collection of designers, who all have their own identity and style. The single quality that is consistent across all of these brands, however, is their rich tradition of


using only the very best leathers. And true style junkies like us know what a rich experience it is to feel genuine fine and real leather each day.


Each of us on the Republica Moda team has our own style passions. Mariel prefers the classic, refined look of the Argentine brand Prüne. Magela has a weakness for the bold and daring Brazilian Schutz from her homeland. And Laura feels an irresistible love for chic Luz da Lua, as well as Argentinean-Spanish Noelia Thames’ enchanting jewelry, which is inspired by her love for Ibiza.


Regardless of our individual preferences, we are bound together by a common love and passion for elegant fashion and design from the Fashion World, and the desire to share these beautiful products with fashion lovers and trendsetters in Europe. We are always on top of the latest style trends and developments so we can continually surprise you with our special new collections!