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Peter Kent leather bags - Less is more

Chic, classic design with a modern twist. Peter Kent has overtaken the Argentinian market many years ago. Using the best materials and local craftsmen, the popular brand is considered an icon and is beloved by fashion trendsetters.


Peter Kent is a family business founded in 1972 by Héctor Neer. In the fifties, Héctor was once taken by his grandmother to a shop on San Martin square in Buenos Aires. In that shop, his grandmother had a friend who sold the best bags in the city, under the name Peter Kent. When Héctor had to choose a name for his company in the early seventies, he chose Peter Kent as a nod to the glamour and nostalgia of his grandmother’s era, and as a display of respect for the renowned craftsmen who had come before. 


Now over forty years later, the company has chic boutiques in the best neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. Peter Kent is also internationally recognized in the United States and Canada. Until recently, the brand’s exposure in Europe was limited only to countries such as Germany and Belgium. However with the recent introduction of Republica Moda, Peter Kent is now widely available across the European marketplace.


The bags are produced in Argentina by Argentineans and made using Argentine materials. The designs are a perfect balance of color, shape and material. Materials range from calf leather, patent leather, vegetable-tanned leather, and lamb and goat leather, to fabric, synthetic materials, plastic and metal. Everything is made by hand.


Peter Kent suits the active and dynamic woman who possesses class and elegance. She is is young and vibrant, with intelligence and maturity to know what suits her. A woman who knows that fashion is only a suggestion, and makes her own choices.