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Prüne leather bags - Fashion Icons


This Argentine brand may just be the jewel of the Republica Moda collection. Classic, stylish and modern with an European feel, Prüne mixes traditional and innovative materials to create a look that is unique and recognizable. Designed for women with a chic sense of elegance and a style of their own, Prune offers trendsetting designs with an original twist.


In April 1999, Prüne opened the doors to its first store in Buenos Aires. The family business that had a long history in the leather industry had change its strategy and decided to open fashion stores. The relatively young brand quickly distinguished itself with its beautiful designs and excellent quality, as well as with its stores’ modern and elegant architecture.



Quick success led to the opening of more boutiques in Argentina and later expansion throughout the continent. Prüne already has more than 75 stores in Latin America. Republica Moda is proud and excited to be introducing Prüne to the European market!


Colors and materials are the key elements for Prüne in designing each collection. From luxury leathers like Napaleer and Milanese leather, to edgy materials like metallic leather and leather with animal print, Prüne creates bags, shoes and accessories with distinct personality - in a wide palette of colors and textures.


The styles of the bags change often, based on the seasons and time. Prüne recognizes the importance of designing for a bag’s use. A bag to be used for business is very different than one for a night out or a day of shopping. Prüne is beloved by those who truly appreciate fashion – the brand caters to modern trends, while maintaining an emphasis on crafting beautiful, classic designs.